Amanda Jenssens 25th birthday party.


This last weekend Amanda had a birthday party at Vurma in Stockholm. It was so dark in there… not even my most sensitive lens could take good pictures. I hate flash you know. So I just took some pocket snapshots, at least you can see something. And yes, we dressed up as ninjas, clowns, smurfs and indians for example.


I loved everything about Linnea Henrikssons outfit, the old man to the left. I enjoyed the girl dressing up as Amanda as well.



The lady, Wille.P9140102

Long time no see ladies, Katinka Hollenberg & Edith Backlund.




Amanda to the right in her ninja dress… sneaking around.


I had to leave early, sucky but that’s life when people have a 25 and 50-year old party the same evening. Amanda blew me kisses and said it’s time for a taco dinner next time for me and her.


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