All I know since I found you.


You got your book baby with all your fears
Let me honey and I’ll catch your tears
I’ll take your sorrow if you want me to
Come tomorrow
That’s what I’ll do
Listen to me

Janey don’t you lose heart

Bra lapp hemma hos Ivan.

All I know’s since I found you
I’m happy when I’m in your arms
Happy, darling, come the dark
Happy when I taste your kiss
I’m happy in a love like this

There’s a house upon a distant hill
Where you can hear the laughter of children ring
Guardian angels, they watch from above
Watching over the love that they bring


But at night I feel the darkness near
I awake and I find you near
I’m happy with you in my arms
I’m happy with you in my heart

In a world of doubt and fear
I wake at night and reach to find you near


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